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الحلقة 554 1 554 من المسلسل الكوري ا... 0    0

في دراما “القبلة الأولى للمرة السابعة”، تحاول تشوي جي وو إختيار الرجل المثالي لقبلتها الأولى ما بين ستة رجال...

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» BTS x Teen Wolf 0    0

*WATCH IN HD* IG: jiminzie Twitter: peachim_ SONG: Teen Wolf Opening song theme PROGRAM: Sony Vegas Pro 13

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♦Shadowhunters♦ CRACK! 11 (i should stop) 0    0

OH look a video ! lmao i'm so sorry (for the ones who expected a vid) for this period where i was litteraly doing nothing ! BUT here is my11th crack vid of shadowhunters (i really should stop this lol...

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Jungkook - 13 Reasons Why [TRAILER] 0    0

HD is your bestfriend!! I haven't even finished the series fully yet but I really wanted to make something inspired by it soo.. I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think~ Stay Connected With me!...

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JUNGKOOK's 13 Reasons Why [EP3: MIN YOONGI] 0    0

"If you could, would you take it back?" HD is your bestfriend! Yes.. yes I know there's a typo. I honestly didn't feel like going through 2 hours of rendering for the 3rd time. I ...

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[FANMADE] EXO 13 Reasons Why Trailer 0    0

[FANMADE] EXO 13 Reasons Why Trailer This is not to offend anyone. I really liked this series's and wanted to test my creativity LIKE if you enjoyed SUBSCRIBE for future K-Pop videos! COMMENT what ...

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EXO - Black Pearl MV (HD) 0    0

Please do not reupload, I put a lot of effort in this fanmade MV. This is a fanmade Music Video for EXO's Korean version of the song 'Black Pearl'. Song: 'Black Pearl' by EXO K (from the album &q...

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Hyuna - Black list (feat. LE of EXID), 현아 - 블랙 리... 0    0

☞ Did you enjoy this video? Plz click "like"! ☞ For more awesome videos, subscribe our channels!! Daily update available! ☞ Watch more clips of Hyuna

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[DF Live] Loopy(루피) - Blacklist 0    0

안녕하세요 Dingo Music(딩고 뮤직) 입니다. 이번 영상은 루피의 Blacklist 딩고프리스타일 라이브영상! 함께 볼까요? - Dingo Music 구독하기 -

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U.S. takes aim at North Korea's human rights abuses with bla... 0    0

미, 북 인권 침해 겨냥,정영수 노동상 7명, 3곳 제재 The United States has slapped new sanctions on seven North Korean individuals and three entities over the regime's human rights ...

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[List/UPDATED!] Japanese School/Romance Movies 2016 0    0

Just a small list and super sorry for the mistake I have made for Orange (supposed to be December 2015) and If you are wondering, the song used: Last Love - Rihwa !DISCLAIMER! The song and the clip...

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062Kreezy - Don't Sleep Alone (Feat. LOKI) 0    0

Subscribe for the finest selection of Korean Hip Hop, R&B, Electro Lounge, and more. - - - - - - - - - - - -Artist Information- - - - - - - - - - - We Support the Music. The A R T. The A R T ...

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